September 11, 2007

surely you jest...

rg just heard the most hilarious thing on the 7.30 report - transcript isn't available yet, so please forgive rg if it's not word perfect.

whata downer was having a good old natter with kerry, guffawing at ludicrous suggestions there's some angst in the liberal party room concerning top dog status. as an aside, if rg had a dollar for every time downer said the words "natural" or "unnatural", centrebet would be getting a tidy wager on the election outcome.

so what was the clanger? after being arrogant, patronising and dismissive, the minister said this:

the last thing anyone could possibly say about the liberal party is that it has been arrogant and dismissive of the australian people.

someone teach this man to spell irony.

update: rg sudders at the thought of putting foolish words in the mouths of ministers; that's something best left to themselves. so here it is, the official transcript version: the way, i'm making it absolutely clear that the last thing we are is arrogant and dismissive of the australian public.

hear that, joe voter? it's being made absolutely clear - listen up! you may have been confused, but apparently it's all crystal now: the liberal government are not - repeat, NOT - condescending or arrogant, so please adjust your personal observations now.

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