August 20, 2007

a McEnroe moment

you cannot be serious!

it's been suggested that rg may be tempted to mount the nearest lectern and start spewing hell-fire if these actions were the work of a liberal; this has indeed been food for thought. here's rg's conclusion: rg could not give a toss. it doesn't matter; it's not relevant. much like alexander downer in fishnets, or tony abbott and the threat of an illegitimate child.

of all the politicians that make rg cringe, downer and abbott are constantly jostling for rank with costello and howard. but what alexander did, or dressed as, in his youth, or what indiscretions tony had as a young university student don't interest rg. why? because like most adult australians, rg has had a life as well and made colossal errors of judgment, as well as garden-variety balls-ups. anyone who says they haven't is either a liar or someone who hasn't grown as a person.

bob brown put it best: "four years ago kevin rudd got drunk and took himself into a strip club. four years ago john howard, sober, took australia into the iraq war. i think the electorate can judge which one did the more harm." that's the voice of perspective.

so do people care about rudd's escapades? rg doubts it. rudd was a knob simply by walking into the venue; he's admitted he did it and that he was in fact a knob. what more can he do? if it had been howard or costello that did the same, you'd be scraping rg off the floor and waiting for the crazed laughter to end, but the same outcome would prevail - who cares? perhaps this indifference is caused by an absolute unwillingness to entertain the visual of rudd, howard or costello in a strip joint full-stop. shudder at the thought; wash rg's eyes out.

more enraging was kerry o'brien's treatment of rudd on the 730 report tonight:

KERRY O'BRIEN: But can you remember seeing lap dancers performing?

KEVIN RUDD: Look, what I can recall in terms of the actual venue itself was that not much more than you would see in the last 20 years in a certain of the pubs in Australia, I've got to say.

KERRY O'BRIEN: But that's what I would like to clarify. Because you don't see lap dancing in most pubs in Australia. Can you recall seeing lap dancers performing while you were there?

again: who, other than kerry, cares, or is as obsessed about lap-dance antics? does o'brien really think the public want the gory details of what was shown, by whom and when? is this anything other than gutter journalism? rg is devastated more by kerry's treatment of the topic than the foolish act itself; nothing but shades of a current affair.

rg has recently banged on about respect, and the personal and political repercussions of it. rg suspects the australian public will have more acceptance for a person who admits their flaws than someone who tries to deny or hide them. respect. everybody loves a winner, but everybody loves a fallen and flawed winner who dusts themselves off even more. rg guesses we'll find out how much forgiveness and love there is for captain perfect come election time...

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Lad Litter said...

The delicious irony is that the story of Rudd's visit has been "broken" by Glenn Milne, the drunken git who shoved Stephen Mayne at the Walkleys last year.