September 14, 2007

jaw-dropping hubris

continuing the arrogance theme of the mother load's previous post, rg would like to share a brilliant quote from our great nation's pm, courtesy of the ever-diligent and finger-on-the-pulse team at the road to surfdom.

while howard government ministers have, in the last few days, been ardently trying to out-score each other in the who-can-say-'team'-the-most stakes, it seems their leader is more than a little confused about the general concept of what a team is.

in today's courier mail, howard mused:

the opinion polls do indicate that my level of personal popularity is quite high, given i've been prime minister for 11 and a half years, it really is. in fact, my level of personal support is significantly higher than that of the party's. if the party's level of support in the opinion polls was as high as mine is, well, we'd be a different story.

what drugs is this man taking, and where can rg get some?

nothing like checking the egos at the door and pulling together as a team, john.

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Anonymous said...

Even worse imagine Julia Gillard running the country. She couldn't run a tap. Then there's Peter Garrett. God help us.