October 12, 2007

howard's hallelujah moment

rg is bored shitless with political photo ops and election-date-announcement water-treading. if kevin rudd sets foot in another hospital, research facility or school, or if john howard guffaws in his characteristically nerdy manner while intently looking at a piece of technology that all and sundry know he has no idea about (like maybe a computer - sorry, that's helen coonan) rg may self-lobotomise. that's the bad news, at least for rg's grey matter.

the good news is, rg is bustin' out the compassion truck: it seems the pm has had a hallelujah moment and realised there's merit in this whole reconciliation thing, he's just been a product of his generation for the last 11 years, or maybe just a little bit of a duffer, and only realised it. rg suspects this will explain his personal and political vehemence over the past decade outlining why reconciliation was a crock, funding for indigenous communities needed to be cut, and sorry didn't matter. fantastically, he now understands that symbolism and unity is important; there's also some niggly thing about indigenous pride or some other new age concept that has dawned on him.

what an utterly transparent farce. rg's eyeballs are getting rsi from rolling skyward so often - that coupled with an esophagus under constant attack from rising bile, a lobotomy is starting to look rather attractive. what to say about this man? it's over.

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