May 30, 2007


rg never thought there'd be a headline with "howard" and "crazy" in it at the same time, but today the age came good with this pearler: "flustered howard sounds a little crazy."

parliament served some hot and spicy morsels to whet rg's appetite yesterday; the pm's spittle flying across the lectern was most likely the steam between his ears precipitating. rg has never seen howard turn red with rage or frustration before. huzzah for there being a first time for everything.

kevin rudd is the smoothest, most articulate speaker on the block - and refreshingly so without the chest beating of beazley or the arsehole-ishness of keating, though gold in itself. his tone and delivery is note perfect. he has a gift for simple questions, keeping on topic and, most beautifully of all, chastising with conviction. after obscene obfuscation regarding an advertising campaign for climate change, the pm challenged rudd to move a censure if he had the courage - which rudd did.

after four terms in government, it seemed to rg that it had slipped the press' and opposition's minds that they could take the government to task. yesterday seemed to be a wake-up call. no wonder the sun shone so brightly today.

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