May 14, 2007

getting the balance right

there's a percentage of people who don't really hold a strong political view either way; their views and votes are more fluid than their dyed-in-the-wool counterparts. again, each to their own; neither is a better way to approach politics, or life.

in fact, i often wonder whether it would be better to be a swinging voter and be more flexible in my views. perhaps it's the true believer who's not able to see what's really happening because they are blinded by their dedication to a party or philosophy.

i'm a left-of-centre kind of person, with an inclination to lean further left than centre. that said, i try to keep an open mind and hear what everyone has to say. seriously. it's hard when most arguments are squashed into 10 second sound bites, and sadly lateline at 10.30pm is pushing my parental sleep requirements, so i rely on online papers to give me a bit more info than the 7 o'clock news. sometimes they do; sometimes not.

this is my first election as a parent, and i'm interested to see how my 'needs' have changed; have my views for the future, now my daughter's future, changed? what would it take to secure my vote - is it even up for grabs?

if the coalition had vision and healthy social policy, i honestly think i may stop and consider. it's tempting to listen to positive economic spin and disregard the rest. but the true believer in me remembers paul keating introducing massive reforms before his exit, the key reason for the past 10 years' balance sheets. i remember hospital closures/downgrades, school funding slashing, tampa, vsu ... and that's a lot to choose not to remember.

the trick is to get the balance right between practical and passion; i've struggled with it over the years, but as i get older i think i get more tolerant and less wound-up - hopefully this will last a couple of decades before i revert to being old, ranting and slightly insufferable.

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Legal Eagle said...

Sometimes I wish I actually liked a political party. Unfortunately, it seems that it's often a choice between which party I hate the least. A bit depressing.

The Coalition are really giving me the irrits at the moment as a mother. I've just done a post on the Rhetoric Reality gap between the supposedly family friendly policies and whats going on down here at grassroots.