July 2, 2007

footy and chicks

rg has been perplexed by recent coverage of alan didak's poor judgment in sinking a few with accused killer christopher hudson.

didak may have been drinking with a wanted criminal, but realistically, how is he supposed to know that at the time - sure, the firing of gunshots from a moving car may have been a giveaway, but not when you're sitting at a bar talking shit. rg has certainly drained bottles of red with people that perception afforded by sobriety would have rendered thoroughly unappealing (and it flows that others may have felt this way about rg). what to do? not much, really; what's done is done. shake your head and chalk it up to not listening to or learning from experience.

however what surprises rg most about this kerfuffle is the absence of any concern about the venue within which the two met and got chummy - a table-top dancing club. mere months have passed since the almighty furore focusing on vilification of women in football occurred thanks to some on-field biffo between des hedland, adam selwood and a tattoo. at the time didak's coach mick malthouse commented, "at every club we have lectures every year on drugs, racial vilification and, more recently, positive attitudes to women, which inform the players of what the afl finds acceptable." obviously the afl have found strip-clubs present positive images of women.

in the light of the didak incident, collingwood have banned players from attending strip- and table-top dancing establishments. rg queries why this is even necessary - surely attendance of such clubs offends the afl's policy on respect and responsibility, not to mention women.

collingwood's new ceo stated that didak did not break any club rules and therefore should not be reprimanded for his boorish and stupid behaviour (rg's words). but since when do team rules supersede afl rules and policy? rg guesses probably when it's convenient and you've got a talented player you want on field for a big match. as caroline wilson writes, "there is no rule at the magpies that states that you cannot drink heavily at strip clubs during the season, pick up with a hell's angel for several hours, witness at close hand two shooting incidents — one with police in the vicinity — and then fail to report either to the police, your football club or even your lawyer."

rg guesses that's good news for didak and collingwood. and nothing but more bad news for women.

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