June 25, 2007

20 days

that's how long it's been since rg has bashed the keyboard.

initially an onslaught of protracted illness - virus, chickenpox, virus - sapped my ability to do anything other than function and sleep; as a result the mother load took one for the team and enjoyed some down-time. however watching all things political unfold over the last few weeks, i realised there was more to this self-imposed blogless state: (a) fear, and (b) denial.

(a) fear - of or over what? simply, the alp choke factor. rg has a self-destructive habit of getting all 'it's time!' excited when a new leader steps up to the plate and performs well - or just performs; the potential for victory and a new direction for this nation is heady stuff. then kevin rudd starts making questionable decisions (joe mcdonald) and being careless (productivity brief). in addition, julia gillard bags out paul keating in the politest of terms; a true sign that the alp have not, and have no real intention of, learning from or embracing the past. the final terrifying nail in the coffin has been rudd's support of howard's plan to 'save' aborigines from themselves; far too many shades of 2001, beazley and tampa. rg is anxious and for the first time in months feels the possibility of another howard term; it is mere vapour, but a presence nonetheless.

(b) denial - small children have a habit of sticking their fingers in their ears, closing their eyes tight and screaming 'i can't hear you! i can't hear you! la la la!'; adults, in their maturity, are slightly more discrete and adopt a shaking of the head combined with mutterings of 'this isn't happening, this is not happening'. 'truth' is hardest when it stares at you from the coldness of a typeface, and there have been too many articles recently that have been an affront to this true believer. regardless, rg is now out from under the doona with personal issues surrounding alp foolishness resolved, however momentarily.

rg is back on track and notionally healthy, so on with the show.

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